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Fastest growing global business investment platform ever. Wedowo Global is expanding their business by sharing 40% of it's investors money and 60% from it's own reserve. It's time to make a perfect decision and think about real business. Don't get involved into unrealistic thing that may take away your money. We are investing in real business and we do have the power to give you back your money with stated % profit.

Ongoing Investment

Country Sector
China Electronics / Smart Phones / Chemical
India Software
Pakistan Medical Equipement (Dental)
Ethiopia Cattle / Agriculture / Paultry
Sri Lanka Sea Food / Ready Made Garments
Bangladesh Ready Made Garments / Agriculture
Kenya SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

Business Pack

Pack ID Value Total ROI
BP-01 $20 $25.00
BP-02 $50 $62.37
BP-03 $100 $124.46
BP-04 $200 $258.02
BP-05 $500 $649.92
BP-06 $1000 $1309.10

Payment Gateway

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If you are interested to invest and take part of our global business developemnt then you may have some questions on your mind before going to invest. Please feel free to asky any question to our support stuffs. They will be happy to reply all the questions. Email us at: support@wedowo.com