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Privacy Policy of use of wedowo.com


The main purpose of our "Privacy Policy" is to let you know what kinds of information we may gather about you, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone and the choices you have regarding our use of the information


We hold only a small amount of information on each registered client. In order to register, we only require an email address,a username, a password & a transaction id. Prior to sending any payments, we may also require an e-mail verification.


We only hold information in order to allow users to log into and run their accounts.

We store your personal data securely.

We DO NOT pass your personal data to third parties, unless you specifically ask us to for a particular purpose (e.g. a competition) or as required by law.

We do not send junk mail (or spam). We send occasional site updates by email & by welcome message and you can editing your profile any time you need.


We recommend that all users enable cookies in their internet browsers in order to make full use of the site and in order to ensure that any transactions on third party sites are recorded. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive and they are used to record how you navigate this website on each visit.. The information cannot be seen by any other websites (so the information is secure) and is used by us to provide features to aid the use of our services. If users do not have cookies enabled, it is likely that third-party retailers will not record some of their transactions.


If you feel wedowo.com is not following its stated information policy, then they may inform us through our Contact Us option.